Petite lantern souvenirs

Petite lantern souvenirs

Petite lantern souvenirs – A rat family with the gondola on Love river Themed on the Chinese Year of Rat, Mammy rat with her baby rides a gondola boat sailing on Love River in a theatric style. Using 3D dimensions, featuring the rat family, gondola and Ferris wheel to echo the image of Kaohsiung harbor city.

The oar of the gondola is specially designed in a moveable way by pressing the oars back and forth, initiating two rats to embrace each other happily! After the lantern festival, the petite lantern souvenirs feature another function by folding out the paper to change into a photo frame! You can insert photos as an ornament which could accompany you for the whole year, – What a way to celebrate the year of rat!

Distribution date : January 29 and February 1
Time : From 17:30 to 20:00
(offer is subject to availability, two lanterns for each person.)
Distribution places : the following information counters
The Hexi Rd. near Kaohsiung Museum of History and Music Hall
Intersection of Zongzheng Rd. and Hedong Rd. (Eastern bank of Kaohsiung Bridge)
Intersection of Wufu Rd. and HeXi Rd. (west bank of Kaohsiung Bridge)


Ordering method: RMB 28 per box
(5600 yuan / box, freight 100 yuan / box)

Light Master Limited


After completing the order form, please fax or E-mail to order.
After the orderer places the order, a person will be contacted to determine the order amount, quantity, freight and delivery and other relevant information before the order is considered a successful order.
After ordering, please remit money to the designated account within 3 days, fax the remittance receipt, so that you can cancel the bill quickly!

The company needs to evaluate the final total transaction quantity and printing time, and reserve the right to final shipment according to the actual situation.
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